Szabo Consulting

Business analysis, IT projects

Preparing functional specifications, process analysis, project management mainly in the field of ERP systems

Data protection compliance

More that ten years of experience in data protection: setting up records, privacy statements, dealing with data subject requests and complaints, training - indluding IT developers on how to make their systems DP compliant. At the moment advising the European External Action Service


  • Finance, IT and project director in financial institutions
  • Finance and administration director in multinational companies
    = implementation of accounting and administration software (MIDAS, SCALA, etc.)
    = specification and client side management of the most successful leasing software in Eastern and Central Europe
    = PRINCE and multi-project management
    = Tax and regulatory compliance, impact of EU accession on taxation
  • Internal control, evaluation and audit of EU budget (in the Publications Office of the EU), including antifraud strategy
  • Data protection and document management
  • Consulting on business process reengineering in the European Commission
  • Speaking on the academies on fighting fraud in the public sector of the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law and different other conferences
  • My detailed CV